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How to Be The Most Successful Version of Yourself

How to Be The Most Successful Version of Yourself With so many distractions everywhere, it can feel like it’s difficult to finish anything before something else is demanding your attention. Emails pinging on cell phones, client calls that could have been resolved much faster through an email, and not knowing what to work on next are all some of the things that can keep people from getting any real work done. However, with a few

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10 Podcasts to Improve Your Life

10 Podcasts to Improve Your Life Podcasts are enjoyable whether you listen in the car, while you work out, or right before bed. Plus, they can improve your ability to ask critical-thinking questions, see the world through various perspectives, and gain empathy for those in different circumstances. There are so many podcasts out there today that it can be overwhelming trying to determine where to start, or what to listen to next. The following list

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How to Survive Valentine’s Day at the Office

How to Survive Valentine’s Day at the Office February 14th is no ordinary day in an office. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you will inevitably still find yourself surrounded by reminders of the romantic holiday. You can probably expect at least one bouquet delivery to the office by lunchtime, followed by a variety of afternoon distractions as your coworkers make plans for the evening. If you’re trying to focus and get some work

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Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation in the Workplace

Mindfulness is a concept that has been enjoyed and practiced for centuries, but that has only recently made a resurgence in pop culture. Our constant engagement and immediate access to text, email, phone calls, social media – most of which are interlaced with targeted advertisements — have recently prompted a heightened interest in the idea of “mindfulness” as a means to “unplug” and slow down. This ongoing engagement and instant access to information have created

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Tips for Successfully Navigating Your Company-Sponsored Holiday Party

Tips for Successfully Navigating Your Company-Sponsored Holiday Party The festive season is approaching and with it, the invitation to your company’s holiday party. Depending on your personality type and feelings about your co-workers and workplace, this function can either be a welcome break from the grind or an awkward affair that you only attend out of obligation. One of the most challenging aspects of these sorts of events is that they straddle the line between

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How to Get a Workout Without Leaving Your Desk

How to Get a Workout Without Leaving Your Desk So much of our work life is spent sitting at a desk staring at a computer. While sitting all day may be a necessary evil, its possible to get your body moving without leaving your workstation. Not only is a possibility, but it’s good for you. Scheduling short exercise burst throughout the day can help with focus, increase productivity and is good for your body. It’s

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How to Help your Team Manage Change

Change is inevitable for any organization; it’s required for growth. Both small changes, such as new staff or new projects, and significant changes, like a change in top-level leadership or mergers, can affect members of your team. Change can leave your staff feeling confused, uncertain, or fearful which will affect productivity and morale. Though some uneasy feelings are to be expected, there are ways that managers can help prepare and support staff through the process.

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5 Ways to Unwind After a Long Day

When that clock hits the end of your shift it’s time to take a relieved sigh as we take off from work and get some well deserved relaxing ME time. With the amount of time and effort we put into our work, nearly all day, it’s only right to get a respite. The few hours we will be spending should be fun, invigorating, calming and contribute to overall physical and mental health. This gets us

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