How to Get a Workout Without Leaving Your Desk

Workout without leaving your desk

How to Get a Workout Without Leaving Your Desk

So much of our work life is spent sitting at a desk staring at a computer. While sitting all day may be a necessary evil, its possible to get your body moving without leaving your workstation. Not only is a possibility, but it’s good for you. Scheduling short exercise burst throughout the day can help with focus, increase productivity and is good for your body. It’s recommended that you get up from your desk and move once an hour. Here are 5 moves to help get your blood pumping at your desk. A good interval is 3 reps of 10 to 15 to achieve some quality movement.

1. Calf-raises. While standing behind your chair, place your hands on the top of your backrest for support. Then alternate from standing on your toes to standing flat on your feet. If your wearing flats, this move can be achieved with shoes on. If you’re wearing heels or looking for a nice foot stretch as well, slip off your shoes to get a full range of motion. Workout with out leaving the office.

2. Push-ups. In the office, it may be best to use your desk a wall as the base for your push-ups instead of the floor. Place your hands on the wall or desk and move your feet behind you so that your body is straight from head to toe and you’re able to stretch your arms out straight in front of you. Use your arms to lower to torso towards the desk or wall and the rise back up to the arms straight out position.

3. Tricep Dips. Use a stable raised surface, like a desk, bench or stationary chair. Facing away from the surface, place your hands on the desk or chair, shoulder-width apart. Move your lower body away from the surface, allowing full range of motion when you lower your body down and this use your arms to push your body back up to almost standing.

4. Boxer Shuffle. When completing this move, you want to imitate the shuffle in place a boxer does before a match. Shift your weight from one side to the other while alternating jumping on each foot. This move also looks like an imaginary jump roping move.

5. Squats. Squats engage several muscle groups and can quickly increase your heart rate. To complete a squat, place your feet should width apart. While gazing forward and keeping your chest up, bend and the knees and lower as far as you can without overextending. If you can’t see your toes beyond your knees, your overextending and squatting too low. Make sure you can lift your toes while completing the squat, to ensure your weight is in the back of heels, encouraging proper form.

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