5 Ways to Unwind After a Long Day

Five Things That Will Help You Unwind After a Long Day

When that clock hits the end of your shift it’s time to take a relieved sigh as we take off from work and get some well deserved relaxing ME time. With the amount of time and effort we put into our work, nearly all day, it’s only right to get a respite. The few hours we will be spending should be fun, invigorating, calming and contribute to overall physical and mental health. This gets us primed and ready for another day of challenges and work. The body and brain should be allowed to relax after taxing hours at the office. Here are a few fun and smart ways to unwind after a long day that have great long term effects:

  1. Aromatherapy

It is time to pamper your senses with great smelling scents of your choice. Push it further and take a long hot bath with your favorite scented soaps. Deck the bathroom with aromatic candles that give off a soft glow. Wash off the day’s stress and tension by cleansing your body. Being in water has a calming effect on both mind and body. Just allow the sensations to overcome you, don’t think of work. You will feel relaxed within minutes.

  1. Mother Nature

What better way to relax than in the bosom of Mother Nature? If you have a garden you are in luck. Get lost in the tranquility of nature sounds such as birds chirping and the view of green grass and exquisite flowers. Take a barefoot walk around your lawn and literally smell the flowers. If you like, you can take this further by pruning some plants and greenery. Research has indicated that greenery contributes to psychological health as well as physical health: it lowers blood pressure. It also contributes to a positive mood and reduces depression.

  1. A Gym Workout

If you are the athletic and energetic type then a trip to the gym is for you. Running on a treadmill and lifting weights help tone muscles and contribute to cardiovascular health. Long term effects are varied and far reaching. It increases strength and flexibility and improves cognitive tasks such as memory needed for work. It also boosts serotonin in the brain which gives one a feeling of happiness. A fit healthy body contributes to overall self-esteem.

  1. Get lost in another world

If you feel that you still can’t get your mind off the tension and stress of work then it’s time to simply slip into another. Get lost in a science fiction or fantasy book, TV series or movie of the same genre. You can also opt to doing some art. Colors and brush strokes are meditative. It relaxes and calms the mind. With your hands you are creating your own world and the outcome is a beautiful piece of art you can call your own.

  1. Blissful sleep

The best way to relax is to catch up on much needed sleep. Getting sleep is also important for health. During REM, deep stage sleep, the body repairs tissues and strengthens the immune system. You will know you have reached this stage because it is at this point that dreams are most intense because your brain is more active. So make sure you are getting quality sleep. Make the environment conducive for it. Turn off noise and bright lights and snooze away.

With these five simple suggestions you will feel restored enough to take on the challenges of another day. The benefits are real and don’t cost much.

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