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How to Develop Your Soft Skills

All jobs and workplaces come with their own unique requirements. This means employers are interested in specific skills in their employees that get the work done. Skills can be expanded and developed with new knowledge and training. Whether you’re in the application, interview, or employment stage of your career, it’s valuable to know what soft and hard skills are and the importance of developing your soft skills. What are Hard Skills? Hard skills are described

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5 LinkedIn Features You Should Be Using

5 LinkedIn Features You Should Be Using Knowing how to use LinkedIn to your advantage can give you an edge in what is currently a competitive marketplace for jobs and a thriving economy. While you may think it is as simple as signing up and creating your profile, there are a number of in-depth features available that are not as well-known. By taking advantage of these features, you can make it easier for employers to

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Use Social Media to Your Professional Advantage

How to Use Social Media to Your Professional Advantage Almost everyone uses social media in some capacity in their daily lives. For the most part, people use social media for their personal interests, keeping friends and family aware of their activities with regular Facebook posts, and keeping up to date with current events through sites like Twitter. Social media helps us keep up with others and allows for the sharing of accomplishments, ideas, and news.

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How to Leverage Your Network to be More Successful

Whether you’re just starting out on a new job search, building a client list, or looking to improve the sales of your business, networking with your current contacts and building more relationships is a necessary (vital) part of the process. In each of these situations, it is often tempting to consider an online scattergun approach to building a larger group of useful contacts. That is, adding everyone you know (and some you don’t) on LinkedIn

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How to Look for a Job When you Already Have a Job

How to Look for a Job When You Already Have a Job Gallup’s 2018 “State of the American Workplace” report recently revealed that 51% of workers in the U.S. are either actively looking for a different job or are keeping their eyes open for new and better work opportunities.  Inspired by an upswing in the U.S. economy and job market, many employees are optimistic about their chances of finding a better position. If you are

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The Secret to a Perfect Resume

Your resume is the key to the door of opportunity. It grants you entry into a world of new job possibilities. While a great deal of thought goes into crafting a resume, when complete, it is a simple, easy read document. Resumes can look and feel different, based on your industry, but there’s one thing that all good resumes have in common: they tell a detailed and exciting story. Resumes are your opportunity to articulate

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10 Signs you Should Leave your Job

You Should Leave Your Job If You Experience These 10 Signs So many employees do not know how miserable they are at work until someone points it out to them. If you are one of those who cannot sleep at night thinking about what to do next with your life despite having a good job, check out these 10 signs that say you have to move on. 1. Feeling of Dread When Going to Work.

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How to Set a Goal

How to set goals When it comes to succeeding at anything in life, the first thing you need are clear goals. Goals give us something to aim and strive for – something to continually reach for. And, when we have reached our goals, we set new ones. Without goals, people drift through life aimlessly and never accomplish much. But how do you set them? Big or small goals The size of the goal you have

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How to search for a job when you already have one

How to search for a job when you already have one People have often said that it is much easier to get a new job when you already have one, but it can be difficult to hide the fact you are looking for a new job from your current employers. But there are some easy ways that you can keep your job search of your boss’ radar and find a better job for yourself. Don’t

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