10 Signs you Should Leave your Job

10 Signs you should leave your job

You Should Leave Your Job If You Experience These 10 Signs

So many employees do not know how miserable they are at work until someone points it out to them.

If you are one of those who cannot sleep at night thinking about what to do next with your life despite having a good job, check out these 10 signs that say you have to move on.

1. Feeling of Dread When Going to Work.
This is one of the early signs that is telling you to quit your job. The feeling of dread when going to work can have a ripple effect such as low productivity and stagnation. Moreover, you will not be able to unleash your true potential because you’re simply moving monotonously.

2. Consistently Negative and Stressed at Work.
It’s a sign of stressed and negativity when you are always angry at work or when you feel that everything weighs heavily.

3. Losing Work-Life Balance.
Are you spending more time with work and less time with your family and vice-versa? This is a good sign that it’s time to move on.

4. Having an Abusive Boss.
If you are experiencing abuse in any form from your boss or superior, then it’s absolutely time to leave your job.
Remaining in that kind of work environment can have a detrimental effect on your psychological or physical disposition.

5. Not Moving Forward because of Company Politics.
There are times when an employee does not get promoted because of office politics. If this happens to you, the only one who will suffer is you. Not just mentally but emotionally as well. Imagine if for a long time, you have no promotion and you remain in the same position despite working for so long in the same company.

6. Experience Recurring Illness.
If you have experienced negative physical changes such as extreme weight loss or weight gain, consistent body pains i.e. headaches, muscles stress, looking tired and haggard all the time, then it’s time to find a new job.

7. Weight Gain.
In the same line as illnesses, weight gain is one thing that people should be careful of. Gaining weight inexplicably and rapidly is a sign of ill health. The problem could range from something benign to diabetes and heart diseases.

8. Deep Depression and Suicidal Thoughts.
It’s not uncommon for office workers to feel depressed. However, if the feeling is deeper coupled with thoughts of self-harm, then it’s time to see a therapist. Depression is not a joke, it’s one of the silent killers among office workers in the United States.

9. You Don’t Feel Appreciated.
As human beings, it gives us joy to feel appreciated. Of course, the opposite is true if we are neglected and set aside even if we do good work. If your company doesn’t give you proper credit and appreciation, then it’s time to pack up and leave.

10. You Found a Better Job.
This one’s self-explanatory. You don’t want to stay at your current job if you find a better replacement job. For example, you found a high-paying job or you found a more challenging one. When you find a better job, then it’s time to leave your old job. Unless that is, they give you a better counter-offer.

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