How to Overcome the 3:00 Slump

During the workday, our energy can ebb and flow. While some of us are morning people while others do feel most productive in the evening, the “three ‘o clock” slump is experienced by many. The mid afternoon is a time when people commonly experience, fatigue, lack of concentration, and low productivity. There are biological reasons for the slump. Our blood sugar levels have dropped after the lunchtime spike, and our bodies are preparing to wind

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Creative Ways to Praise Your Team

Creative Ways to Praise your Team

Successful managers have mastered the art of providing feedback to members of their team. Giving employees constructive feedback is something that tends to occur more often as it is required for creating quality deliverables. Offering praise is just as important, but often overlooked. Employees that receive a balanced amount of positive and constructive feedback are often more productive and more likely to stay with an organization long-term. Running out of creative ideas for letting your

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How to Save Money

Receiving your paycheck is a good feeling. It rewards you for the hard work you have put in. But it is so tempting to spend it all on something you think you need. Think first before you spend: what if your future depends on what you get paid today? The trick is to find good ways to save from your paycheck, and we offer five possible ways you can do it. Each way will help

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5 Ways to Unwind After a Long Day

When that clock hits the end of your shift it’s time to take a relieved sigh as we take off from work and get some well deserved relaxing ME time. With the amount of time and effort we put into our work, nearly all day, it’s only right to get a respite. The few hours we will be spending should be fun, invigorating, calming and contribute to overall physical and mental health. This gets us

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How to Maintain Control of a Conversation or Presentation

How to Regain Control of a Conversation or Presentation You are in the spotlight. You know your spiel and you know your speech. You’ve prepared what you have to say, and then suddenly out of nowhere someone interrupts and takes over, putting you on the sidelines. In casual conversations or in board meetings being interrupted is never a pleasant experience, but it happens again and again. There are many reasons for this: lack of awareness

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10 Signs you Should Leave your Job

You Should Leave Your Job If You Experience These 10 Signs So many employees do not know how miserable they are at work until someone points it out to them. If you are one of those who cannot sleep at night thinking about what to do next with your life despite having a good job, check out these 10 signs that say you have to move on. 1. Feeling of Dread When Going to Work.

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Five Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

Five Ways to Reduce Stress at Work In the novel Dune, the main character refers to fear as the mind killer. That’s all true if you live in a world of sand, spice, and intrigue. However, in a workplace setting, the real mind killer is stress. Stress can kill. You’re not spared even if you have a sedentary office job. According to, more than half of office workers end up with physical pain and

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How to Set a Goal

How to set goals When it comes to succeeding at anything in life, the first thing you need are clear goals. Goals give us something to aim and strive for – something to continually reach for. And, when we have reached our goals, we set new ones. Without goals, people drift through life aimlessly and never accomplish much. But how do you set them? Big or small goals The size of the goal you have

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How to search for a job when you already have one

How to search for a job when you already have one People have often said that it is much easier to get a new job when you already have one, but it can be difficult to hide the fact you are looking for a new job from your current employers. But there are some easy ways that you can keep your job search of your boss’ radar and find a better job for yourself. Don’t

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Five Office Life Hacks

Office life can be a handful with tasks you have to do, the different situations you have to handle, the different people you have to deal with, and the things you keep misplacing. The good news is there are things you can do to make office life a whole lot easier. Clean Up the Smart Way Clutter gets in the way of work. If you don’t organize your workspace you end up looking for things

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