Boost Your Resume with Volunteer Work

Volunteering can be a boost to your job search if you’re unemployed or for your career if you are employed. Volunteering is attractive to employers since it demonstrates a broader consciousness of an employee – concern for one’s community – and that the volunteering employee is grounded and more likely to remain a loyal employee even in uncertain corporate times.

Not only does volunteering look great on a resume for someone who has been job hunting, but it can also lead to new prospective job opportunities. You could be volunteering along side someone who knows of an opening in your skillset, or better yet someone who is looking for someone like you. It’s also a smart way to showcase both our abilities and our compassion. This can have universal appeal to hiring managers and executives at all levels.

For those interested in volunteering outside of work, his tips include the following:

  1. Find an organization in need of your particular skill set. If you are an accountant, volunteer to be part of an organization’s finance department. It allows you to keep your skills sharp.
  2. Search for other organizations that are always looking for volunteers, such as animal shelters and youth groups.
  3. Find something you are passionate about. You’re more likely to stay engaged.
  4. Look for learning or teaching opportunities. Volunteer for something that allows you to learn a new skill or share a unique skill you have.
  5. Don’t over-commit. Concerned you may not have enough time? Work with one or a small number of nonprofits to ensure you have maximum impact with each one.

With so many benefits available from volunteering and so many organizations needing volunteers, it looks like the ball’s in your court. You can make a difference for others, have a sense of satisfaction in doing so and benefit your career.

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