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5 Ways to Effectively Resolve Conflict with Coworkers

5 Ways to Effectively Resolve Conflict with Coworkers  Disagreements happen, but they can be even more challenging to deal with in a work setting. Even when you are working for a company or on a team that is otherwise an excellent fit for you, you will likely encounter other employees you might not see eye-to-eye with. Conflicting personalities, personal struggles, and repressed feelings might find you on the other side of an argument or issue

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A Balanced Team is a Better Team

A Balanced Team is a Better Team Each year, we recognize groups who have been, in the past, marginalized: We honor Black History Month in February and in March, we celebrate women during International Women’s Day (March 8). This year, the International Women’s Day campaign cited its theme as “#BalanceForBetter” — an initiative for activism, collectivity, and collaboration. Buzzwords like “diverse” and “balanced” might casually be thrown around in a work setting, but are we

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Tips for Effective Team Communication

Tips for Effective Team Communication  By Keith Enochs One of the most critical skills for a new leader is also one for which many are the least prepared: how to communicate with your team members effectively. I remember back to the first time I sat down with an employee who wanted to talk about an issue they had. I could hardly wait. I was so excited to help point him in the right direction and

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5 Tips for New Managers

Moving up the ladder and finally making it in into a management position can be exciting and a reward for a job well done over the years. The promotion also comes with new responsibilities, expectations, and the opportunity to hone a new skill set. You have knowledge of the content matter and the mechanics of the job, but now you have to support, lead, and guide a team of people. This new position can be

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How to Help your Team Manage Change

Change is inevitable for any organization; it’s required for growth. Both small changes, such as new staff or new projects, and significant changes, like a change in top-level leadership or mergers, can affect members of your team. Change can leave your staff feeling confused, uncertain, or fearful which will affect productivity and morale. Though some uneasy feelings are to be expected, there are ways that managers can help prepare and support staff through the process.

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Creative Ways to Praise Your Team

Creative Ways to Praise your Team

Successful managers have mastered the art of providing feedback to members of their team. Giving employees constructive feedback is something that tends to occur more often as it is required for creating quality deliverables. Offering praise is just as important, but often overlooked. Employees that receive a balanced amount of positive and constructive feedback are often more productive and more likely to stay with an organization long-term. Running out of creative ideas for letting your

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