2019 Resume Trends

You probably know that you have to impress a hiring manager with your resume fast. Approximately six seconds is all the time you have to grab their attention before you are selected to move to the “interview” pile (or not). A well-written resume isn’t enough anymore – a visual appeal is what compels recruiters to take a second or longer look. This is due, in part, to the readily available design software systems and expanding

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A Quick and Painless Grammar Guide

Grammar Guide We so often correspond with one another via written communication in the form of e-mail, memos, and texts. This type of communication, as well as our use of grammar, can say a lot about us: like whether we are detail-oriented if we take our time, that we understand basic sentence structure and/or how much we value the message we are trying to convey. Even if writing is not your forte or interest, it

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10 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Resume On The Table

10 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Resume On The Table Landing an interview can be a challenge and if you are starting to feel like your resume is being overlooked, there might be some things you are unwittingly doing wrong that are keeping employers from wanting to hire you. Below you will find 10 suggested ways to help build a solid resume that will keep you as a strong contender for job opportunities and hopefully

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