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How To Navigate A Meeting Gone Wrong

How To Navigate A Meeting Gone Wrong Meetings can be tricky to navigate, especially once they’ve “gone off the rails,” so to speak. Whether you have outlined an objective for your meeting or not, there are inevitably discussions that do not go according to plan — despite our best efforts. When this occurs, do you push your colleagues further, stop the conversation, or freeze up? There are many potential next moves, but ultimately, the goal

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Can the Design of your Office Space Effect your Employee’s Production?

Workspace Matters: Encouraging Engagement and Productivity Through Office Design A Gallup report recently revealed that employee engagement in the U.S. is increasing. The percentage of workers who feel enthusiastic about their jobs this year is up to 34%. It’s good news that engagement is on the rise, but the percentage of employees who are not engaged is still significantly higher. More than half of U.S. workers do not feel committed to their positions and companies.

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Embracing Change: A Continual Improvement of Processes

As we approach the end of 2018 and take our first steps into the final year of the 20-teens, it is thought-provoking to consider some of the many changes that the first two decades of this century have introduced into our daily working lives. Without question, technology has reigned supreme in redefining our everyday activities both personally and professionally. Most of us walk around with more computing power and telecommunication abilities at our fingertips (re:

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