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The Benefits of Competency-Based Training

Competency-based training Competency-based training, or CBT, is an ideal method for training individuals that focuses on actual on-the-job skills. It is a very structured method and the goal is to train someone for a particular field or profession. The method is called competency-based training because it teaches competence as a particular skill. Being successful in a trade begins with a solid foundation of understanding how tasks are completed and what the process is. Competency-based training

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Recruitment Trends for 2019

Recruitment Trends for 2019 As workers navigate through the job search process, it is important to note the many things that have evolved over the years. For example, people used to mail their resumes out or hand deliver them to the place they were applying to work. Today, most applications are completed online, with job boards adding hundreds of new opportunities daily and recruiters working hard to help candidates find great positions. People can learn

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5 Ways Body Language Can Help You in Your Career

Body Language As you settle into a new job and begin interacting with your colleagues, it is important to consider what sort of messages you might be sending unwittingly. Is your body language negatively affecting your interactions with coworkers? What does your body language say about you? How can you be more aware of your nonverbal communication? Whether in a group setting or one-on-one, your body language says a lot and can impact how others

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Common Mistakes In Job Descriptions That Scare Away Best Talent

According to studies, an average job-seeker spends about 49 seconds on reading your post before deciding whether it’s a match for their skills and needs. He spends 76 seconds reading the ad if he feels like it’s a good match. This clearly shows that companies don’t have a lot of time before their ad is dismissed. However, many companies still waste their time, and the time of their candidates, with sub-par job descriptions. The best

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How Will Unions Respond To A Post-Janus World? 

How Will Unions Respond To A Post-Janus World?  By Lisa Vickery On the final day of the Supreme Court’s just-completed term, it issued its long-awaited decision in Janus v. AFSCME, Council 31, changing the labor law landscape as we know it. The case involved the compulsory “fair share” fees paid by public sector employees who choose to not belong to a union, but are still covered by a collective bargaining agreement. As we described in

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How to Avoid Costly Improper Pay Practices

How to Avoid Costly Improper Pay Practices  By Elizabeth Liner In 2017, a national insurer settled a class action lawsuit filed against it in Connecticut under the FLSA wherein plaintiffs alleged they were due unpaid overtime. This $50 million settlement was the most expensive FLSA settlement in 2017. TGI Friday’s was also involved in a significant FLSA class action filed in a New York federal court. The plaintiffs alleged a number of purportedly improper pay

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