Improving Soft Skills Will Make You More Employable

You may be a whiz at math and computers, but do you have the personality to land your new job?

Technology has integrated the work place and has allowed us to automate more technical jobs, new research shows that communicating clearly and being a team player matter more than ever.

Training in mathematics and computer science are still very viable investments, but social skills are increasingly necessary along with cognitive skills; as technology becomes more prevalent in the work place the need for stimulating human interaction increases. Managerial and consulting positions are hard to automate and the soft skills these jobs require are becoming more valuable.

Routine tasks are repetitive and likely to be automated, like assembly-line work or checking ledger entries. Eliminating these types of positions through automation means that more opportunities will require you to have social skills.

Personality assessments can help you see where you lay socially and help to pinpoint where your soft skills may be lacking. As you apply for your next opportunity, remember that your math and computer savviness is important, but being able to engage socially is becoming a priority in the work place.

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