(April) Fool-Proof the Hiring Process!

April Fool’s Day is here and so are some tips to fool-proofing your hiring process to avoid law-suits!

Avoid law-suits by ensuring a blind hiring process with these three simple techniques.

1.) Accept applications exclusively online. Instruct applicants to remove their birth dates, graduation dates, and personal information from resumes and cover letters before submitting them.

2.) Have someone who won’t be involved in the interview process make the initial availability calls.

3.) Screen applications with computer software that looks for erperience, education, and training. There is nothing less discriminating than a computer system outputting code.

Removing the information that could be used in a law suit is key to safegaurding the company’s liability. By utilizing these simple steps in your hiring process you can eliminate the ability to be sued for age, sex, and race discrimination.


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