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Ten Spring and Summer Events in the Lower Peninsula You Won’t Want to Miss

Ten Spring and Summer Events in the Lower Peninsula You Won’t Want to Miss Springtime in Michigan can be rainy or sunny (and even sometimes a little snowy), but it is one of the best times of year because of all the opportunities to finally get outside and explore. Michiganders tend to hunker down in the winter months, but once Spring arrives (or, at least is supposed to), we start opening our doors and venturing

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5 Summer Reads Suitable for Work and Pleasure

5 Summer Reads Suitable for Work and Pleasure As we step firmly into spring, our cleaning, planting, and growing are well underway. Yet, beyond sweeping away the cobwebs of our homes, this can also be the time of year when we declutter and organize our minds. To aid in this growth/transition, you might take on new activities: like walking outside (just because you can), volunteering, planning summer trips, or even joining a recreational league. As

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Tips to Unplug for Spring Break

  Whether you are traveling somewhere for an amazing spring break adventure, volunteering your time in town or away, or just staying home for some much needed and deserved downtime, spring break is an optimal time for relaxation. Hopefully, the extra time presents you with an opportunity to indulge in self-care and some quality time to do things you enjoy with people you care about. That said, it is equally important to take time to

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How to Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning

Netflix’s “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” has been trending across social media platforms for weeks. The series inspires even the most un-motivated of us to consider decluttering our home and jumpstart our spring cleaning. While the “official” spring cleaning season is not yet upon us, in order to be prepared to deep clean come April, there are some great tips to be gleaned from Kondo’s methods; by living with less, we can actually live with

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How to Save Money

Receiving your paycheck is a good feeling. It rewards you for the hard work you have put in. But it is so tempting to spend it all on something you think you need. Think first before you spend: what if your future depends on what you get paid today? The trick is to find good ways to save from your paycheck, and we offer five possible ways you can do it. Each way will help

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