How to Hire The Right Person For The Job

How to Hire The Right Person For The Job Hiring the right person for a position is a delicate process that, done properly, can result in the on-boarding of a highly motivated, competent employee that adds value to your team and helps drive and achieve company goals. Conversely, if the hiring process goes poorly, it can potentially be a huge waste of time, money and resources. So, how can you ensure that the candidate you

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Stop Using Management As a Reward 

Stop Using Management As a Reward  By Keith Enochs “Come work for our company!! Great advancement potential! Be a manager in 2 years!!” Does this language sound familiar? Sure it does. It’s probably part of at least half of all job postings out there right now. We love to dangle carrots, and this one is the macdaddy of carrots: promotion opportunities. I’m not saying that we can’t or shouldn’t market advancement potential as a company benefit,

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Half of Your Employees Think They’re Underpaid 

Half of Your Employees Think They’re Underpaid  By Suzanne Lucas Do you pay your employees fairly? Of course! You did your research when making salary offers, you award the regular cost of living raises and you pay for their overtime work. Still, according to a recent study, 46 percent of employees feel that they are underpaid. This, of course, doesn’t necessarily indicate the truth about salary, since these particular findings are based on feelings. I’m

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4 Ways to Inspire Employees

March 2018 4 Ways to Inspire Employees By David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom Complacency. It’s a more common problem than we’d like to believe. It happens in every industry and workplace. It happens in every corner of the globe. This problem affects all of us. It’s our problem. It’s your problem. It’s every employer’s problem. “I’ve read all the studies about low engagement,” said Bryce, a business owner we chatted with on a recent airport

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Annual Performance Reviews

Annual Performance Reviews: Do They Actually Matter? Workplaces are becoming more metrics based and assessing employee success has become a component that is also measured. Managers are now encouraged to work with their employees to develop SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely) goal, and review their progress towards the goals with a big review at the end of the year. Annual performance reviews have many functions in an organization, but are they actually helpful

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